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In response to the recent riots, a couple of interesting pieces looking at the geographic links to deprivation:

Exploring the relationship between riot areas and deprivation – an IPPR analysis

What are the neighbourhood conditions of those appearing on riot-related charges?

Here in the SCAn team we’ve been busy considering various aspects of the riots, using SafeStats data as well as other Socio-economic indicators to try to start understanding in the short-term the dynamics of the areas affected.

Upcoming planned joint work with our partners in the Metropolitan Police Service will give much more of an understanding of the anatomy of the riots from a response, resourcing, business and socio-economic level.

Work is also ongoing to produce a Violent Disorder dataset for Safestats customers, combining a number of pertinent categories, to enable easy scanning of relevant trends.

Please get in touch if you would like further information on our work, or having anything that you feel may contribute to the debate.